Welcome to the Jelly Academy Masterclass Series!

Access our ever-growing library of lessons taught by experts in the digital marketing, communications, public relations, and multimedia industries. With one
subscription, you get access to the full library of videos, plus additional
resources to kickstart your next learning journey. 

We’ve recruited the best and brightest to go deep on specific topics
so you can continue to grow and develop as a professional.

Lessons include:

  • Squarespace Setup

  • SEO lessons, including Google My Business

  • DashThis reporting for Website Analytics, Digital Marketing, and Social Media

  • Shopify Insights

  • Unbounce presents how to Maximize Your Landing Pages

  • How to utilize your smartphone to create beautiful multimedia content


Jelly Academy believes that in digital marketing you should always be learning

and the Masterclass Series is built just for that purpose.